I am an html5 game developer, interested in quite every aspect of this wonderful technology : Context2D, WebAudio, WebGL, and the hated-loved Javascript language.

I do a lot of experiment, on my laptop or on jsfiddle, and contribute also, in StackOverflow to the spread of html5. And … from time to time … i take the time to write here on this blog. While this blog has quiet a decent audience each, almost no comments are made which doesn’t motivate me much… For the record i have a few drafts about asm.js / Canvas / performance in Javascript / using jsperf / tips for typed Array… Ask if interested, or even for some other specific topic -we’ll see !-.

GameOS, The html5 Game engine i develop might well never see the day -too much work to add JSDoc comments, L1 tests, tutorials, …- but it’s not only working, but it’s very fast and easy to use and modify. I might write some day on my hyper-low overhead collision engine… Let me know if you want to know more about it.

My services are for hire, i already helped in a few game projects,  either to get rid of some malicious bug, or to jump from bulky 20fps to steady 60 fps, (again) contact me if interested.

Happy coding !


3 Responses to About

  1. Thomas says:

    Dear gamesalchemist

    I am creating a website where users take photos using an iPhone or Android and share them to the server. Only thing is the photos are very large and i’m trying to program Javascript using canvas to downsample the photo before being ajaxed to the the server. I have tested your downScaleImage algorithm at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18922880/html5-canvas-resize-downscale-image-high-quality
    and found it to be very good. Only thing is I need an algorithm that keeps the aspect radio but downsamples to a specific width which is 918px. Would it be possible to show me how to modify your algorithm to do this? Also the algorithm doesn’t work using iOS 7 due to a bug documented here:


    with a solution here:




    • Thank you for your interest, Thomas.
      The algorithm i wrote for this post takes a canvas and a scale as input, you need to modify the function signature so that it takes a canvas and a target width, and computes the scale from that :

      function downScaleCanvas(cv, th) {
      var scale = th / cv.width ;
      if (!(scale 0)) throw ('scale must be a positive number > rest of the code is the same

      For the iOS issue, i have no specific knowledge, but since you have a solution, pre-process the image with this solution,
      then have it scaled and you should be ok.


  2. Dear Gamealchemist,
    I’m interested in utilising your plugin in an onlince facebook game we are working on. Could you tell me if there is any licensing model that applies?
    Kind regards,
    Marcin Wojdyla

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